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How to personalize your wedding so it reflects your love story!

If there’s one quote I live by, it’s that the details aren’t the details – they are the design. On your wedding day and beyond, your lives will be made up of all the little details that tell your love story.
Let’s talk about some signature details that make your wedding day uniquely yours from the moment your guests arrive:


1. Custom Wedding Lyric Signage

A great way to showcase something special about your love is to display a meaningful lyric from your First Dance song on a sign as your guests enter. My husband and I danced our first dance to Dave Barnes’ “I Have and I Always Will”. This detail was so special to us because it was the first song we had ever slow danced to while we were dating! Bonus – this can also double as home decor after the wedding! You’ll both think of sweet memories from your wedding day every time you walk by it.


2. Signature Eats

Is there a certain food or drink you and your significant other obsess over? Incorporate it into your special day! If you or your love met at Starbucks for your first date, include a decked out Coffee Bar at your wedding or reception with custom coffee mugs for favors! Make sure you include custom signage or a picture of you both at a coffee shop – paint a picture to your guests about why it is significant to you guys! Trust me, they would love to hear your story!


3. His and Hers Desserts

Everyone knows His and Hers signature drinks are here to stay, but have you considered His and Hers desserts? If you and your fiance share a favorite treat that’s special to the both of you, how about offering it with the cake? Maybe you love creme brulee, he loves cheesecake – how about a His and Hers dessert option? Customized mini dessert platters are just another detail that can show off your love story!


4. Custom Drafts

How fun would it be to offer your guests a mini bottle of beer or wine that you guys personally crafted  as a favor? And if alcohol isn’t your thing… how about a customized candle with your favorite scent!
Bonus: You can save money by using the bottle or candle to be both the favor and the escort card by printing their name and table seating right on the bottle!


5. Live Painting

Does the idea of an evening in an art gallery with your love seem like the perfect date night? If you and your fiance love the art scene, why not hire a live painter to capture your day in a way your guests will never forget!


6. The Greater Good

Many couples bond over a shared love of a common interest – consider offering your guests the option of donating to a cause that is near and dear to both your hearts! It’s a win/win gesture – you get to include your guests in your love story, and benefit the greater good!