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owner & lead designer

Allison DiSalvo

I love all things related to love, weddings, events, design, decor, details, creativity, and people! Pretty fonts, the perfect palette of colors, bring me way more joy than what is normal. Years of experience has left me obsessed with details, hidden surprise touches, that certain wow factor, and the personalization of each event!  I’m totally a people person! I can basically talk to anyone and love remaining friends with my clients!  I pretty much never stop hustling.  No seriously, I don’t sleep.  But when you love what you do, you can sleep when you’re dead, right?!  Decisiveness and determination are two of my best tools in this industry.

I can’t wait to meet you!!! Connecting with couples and hearing their story, is the best part of what I do!


fun fact:

I am a dual citizen. I have citizenship to United States and Italy.


Interior Decorating, Crafting, Going to the Beach

favorite part of the wedding:

When the bride is about to walk down the aisle; the doors close, the room goes silent. The look in the bride’s eyes when the doors open is what I live for!

assistant coordinator

Monica Glotfelty

I love the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, and all of the details that go into personalizing a wedding. I feel like details are what makes each event memorable! It’s what makes me put my heart and soul into each event! When I got married 5 years ago I had the best planner who made me feel like I was their one and only client and I believe everyone deserves that for their special day where all eyes are on them. I love taking care of the bride and making sure her day is everything she hoped or dreamed it to be. I also love a good party so seeing every guest enjoying themselves and acting a fool on the dance floor really is a highlight of the night for me.

fun facts:
  • I went to school for audio engineering and my degree actually helped me fix sound issues in multiple weddings.
  • I love anything sweet and you will find me with candy in my purse at all times.
  • I have a daughter, son and a very handsome hubby. They cause belly hurting laughter and lots of it.
  • I know all the words to Tu-pac’s “changes” and will rap them for anyone who wants to hear!

Tennis and Baking